Kilmurray Kommunications offers copywriting and editorial services for the types of content in the areas outlined below.

Corporate Affairs
– Web pages and blog content
– Brochures/publications
– Factsheets
– White papers and statements
– Proposals
– Reports and annual reports
– Scripts for corporate videos and presentations
Advertising and Marketing
– Web pages and blog content
– Magazines/ezines
– Newsletters and circulars
– Scripts for press, radio and TV ads
– Fliers
Media Relations
– General and trade press articles
– Press releases and advisories
– Speeches
– Talking points
– Q&As

All of the above content can be developed for either offline or online consumption. Kilmurray Kommunications strives not only for excellence in content, but also, in conjunction with design and website partners, for consistently high standards in the presentation of that content within the finished product. Read about our culture.

Find out more about Kilmurray Kommunication’s offering in the clients, case studies and commendations sections.

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