The culture at Kilmurray Kommunications is one of excellence achieved through accuracy, attention to detail, professionalism and a thorough understanding of client needs. This forms the basis of the approach to, and process of, content development, namely to:

Question – template questionnaire to elicit a detailed brief and correct understanding of the objective, target audience and messaging of the written communication;
Collate – comprehensive intelligence gathering through research and interviews;
Produce – drafting/originating, editing and proofreading of copy according to desired structure, style and tone;
Liaise – liaison with (web) design partners as well as other third parties engaged in the overall content development process;
Manage – project management through strict adherence to agreed processes, namely those of planning, approvals, deadlines and budgets respectively.

Read more about the types of content on offer at Kilmurray Kommunications as well as its associated clients, case studies and commendations.

“I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I write and I understand.” Chinese Proverb

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